About Us

Our Mission, Vision, and

Core Values


Engaging students academically and socially in order to prepare successful 21st century citizens.


Esparto Middle School uses 21st Century practices to inspire, engage, and prepare students for a successful academic journey, and encourages them to be active participants in their community.

Core Values

  1. Responsibility: Students and staff take ownership of their actions, work, and attitude.

  2. Respect: We show respect to ourselves, peers, staff, and property.

  3. Academics: Students will be met with high expectations, rigor, and 21st Century practices to develop academic and career readiness to establish a solid foundation for their future.

  4. Safety: Together, we nurture a safe and inclusive environment for our students and staff.

  5. Community: We foster an environment where community collaboration is a priority.


Esparto Middle School is located in Esparto, near the California Coastal Range in the western part of Yolo County. Esparto is a rural community of about 3,100 people. The Esparto Unified School District serves the communities of the beautiful Capay Valley, as well as Madison and Esparto. The community is about an hour from Sacramento and an hour and a half from the Bay Area. Agriculture is the main economic influence for the area, and many of our parents work in the industry. Cache Creek Casino, located in the Capay Valley, is also a major employer in the community.

Professional development is an ongoing area of emphasis in which teachers are trained with the integration of technology, CAASPP preparedness, Social Emotional Learning, and Career Technical Education.

Esparto Middle School places a strong emphasis on Career Technical Education and offers several elective course which include Law, Horticulture, Intro to Art, Music, Food & Nutrition, Zoology, and Spanish.

We also provide support courses in Reading and Mathematics to meet our students learning needs.